Fresh Ground Coffee (americano, capuccino, late, mocha)

All available as Decaf

Cup 2.10
Mug 2.30
Filter Coffee
Cup 1.50
Mug 1.70
Hot Chocolate 2.30
Hot Chocolate with cream 2.50
Fair Trade Tea, Speciality, Fruit, Decaf 1.50
Babyccino .60
Milk Shake (Chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, banana) 1.60
With scoop of Ice Cream 2.20
Glass of Milk .90
AAll the above available with Soya Milk)
Smoothies (Raspberry, strawberry, coconut) 2.50
Juices (orange or apple) 1.40
Cordial (Elderflower or lime) still 1.20
Sparkling 1.40
Cans (Coke, Diet Coke) 1.00
San Pellegrino cans (orange, apple) 1.50
Fentiman’s Ginger Beer 1.60
Sparkling Water 1.00